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Portable design, suitable for home and travel.
Using high-grade PC fire, anti crushing shell.
Full of self-stop, to prevent the battery overcharging, safe and reliable.
With plug, directly to the battery charging, easy to use

Name: LCD universal charger
Type: Smart USB universal charge dock
Input: AC 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz 150mA
USB output: DC 5.2V 1250MA
Charger output: DC 4.35V 600 soil 50MA

product description:
1. Automatic identification of positive and negative, while supporting dual output, charger and direct charge can be used simultaneously
2. Skid-type user-friendly design, the shortest distance is 32mm, the longest stretch to 47mm
3. Using global voltage design, intelligent battery charging control circuit, anti-overcharge
4. Imported IC components, circuit conversion efficiency, stable performance
5. With output overcurrent and short circuit protection, more safe
6. High output voltage output (4.2V) charge more efficient.
7. Comes with a plug, no need to connect the original line charge can be used!
8. when the battery is charged automatically stop charging, to ensure that the battery is not overcharged.
11. Ensure battery performance and service life, but also facilitate the exchange of spare batteries.


1 X Charger